Thursday, January 19, 2017



All of the top Executives are on this cruise led by the SOB (Senior Ober Braunfurer) Demby Mi. Misgivings. The top Space Org Execs and crew of 180 joined by 180 candidates for the LT XVX level of Freedom at Last. The voyage scheduled for 30 days and nights takes these passengers from Curacao thru Bonaire to Barbados


360 Passenger Capacity
Deck Layout
  • D deck - Gymnasiumcinema
  • C deck (Caribbean deck) - Outside and inside cabins
  • B deck (Bahamas deck) - Hospital, inside and outside cabins
  • A deck (Antilles deck)- Purser's office, inside and outside cabins
  • Main deck - Puccini and Paris dining rooms, casino, shops, Le Club Mimi bar, beauty shop, Rodolfo lounge, card room, reading room
  • Promenade deck - Marcello lounge/discothèque, game room, deluxe cabins, Café des Artistes, lido deck, swimming pool
  • Bridge deck - Bridge, unknown
  • Sun deck - sundeck

60 SPACE ORG CREW of the LT XVX Breaking Winds cruise ship were joined by 120 additional top level SPACE ORG executives and 180 members of the Church of Strange Breaking Wind seeking the relief of the final Freedom At Last Level. The keys to the final level are only given aboard the SPACE ORG ship. 

10 Days into the cruise all communication with the ship is lost after departing Grenada bound for Barbados. A freak storm was in the area East of Barbados and there was a report of a rogue wave but that fails to explain the loss of communication 36 hours prior to when the storm or wave could have hit. 

What was in the large packages loaded on board after midnight in Curacao. What happened that week in dry dock in Aruba when the security at the facility was knocked out for 8 hours? And what about the report of a massive explosion that lit up the horizon South of Barbados - reported by at least 3 vessels and two airplanes?  

Electronic tracking on board the vessel seemed to go haywire, then blackout for a period of time, and then reappear tracking due East into open seas toward Cape Verde. The last known signal was past the area where the depth plunges toward the mid-Atlantic trench. 

Was foul play involved? Did some of the many enemies of the cult manage to get an explosive device onboard during dry dock or the loading of supplies? The Breaking Winds had taken on full fuel capacity in Grenada so the tanks would have been close to capacity. 

TERROR ON THE LT XVX  a mystery - a thriller - - Some say the SPACE ORG and the high level church members were set to rendezvous with Lord NuXen and his minions on the high seas. Other's claim that enemies of the group angry at loss of family members and money planted a bomb on board and just sunk the entire leadership of the church. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017



ASSAULT ON BOLD BASE OF BREAKING WIND: Former high-level LT XVX execs excommunicated from the Church of BREAKING WIND stream onto the high-security compound of leader DEMBY MI. MISGIVINGS while the leader and much of the staff are away at a secret event in LA.

Taking control of security cameras and sensors teams of infiltrators in SPACE ORG uniform swarm the remaining security and lock in the remaining staff. For 8 hours the assaulting teams seize and copy records and the audio-video files of the special confessional sessions used by leaders to control the membership.

Unexpectedly the assault yields files of banking codes that allow the transfer of vast sums of the CoBW and Misgivings wealth.

With everything copied down to each computer drive, the infiltration team disappears into the night leaving the SPACE ORG people who chose to stay with memories of anti-CoBW films and programs. In the weeks that follow the most secret and damaging records of the CoBW begin to appear on websites across the world.


Over the weekend a group of former Executives of the Church of BREAKING WIND successfully raided the BOLD BASE near Hemet, CA. and seized control of the facility. CNN and FOX news have been given details of Operation Overthrow - planned for months and flawlessly executed by CoS members who were voted control over the illegitimate leader Demby Mi. Misgivings in a worldwide online vote of members of the CoBW. That open vote garnered over 500,000 votes to remove Misgivings from leadership. The month long open vote was 533,000 to 4000 in support of a platform to end disconnection and any impediment to leaving the SPACE Org.

BOLD BASE is somewhat isolated up against the San Jacinto mountains. The entire compound is surrounded by a steel fence topped with razor wire built primarily to keep the people in. The site is bisected by a State highway with gates to the upper and lower sections.

The weekend of the raid was one of several events held at the Shrine Auditorium in downtown Los Angeles and many of the staff members from Bold Base were bused into LA to fill the auditorium making it easier for the team take over the facility.

Former executives, security guards, maintenance crews, and facility staff who had escaped or left the church got together to facilitate the takeover in the most efficient manner.

The City of Hemet utilities office was infiltrated to gather the plans for location of the electric power cables that feed the property. Former maintenance crew members provided the location of emergency generators. Several buses were acquired and painted to match the appearance of busses used by the facility and all of the infiltrating crew was dressed in SPACE ORG uniforms making it difficult for the remaining security crew to identify anyone.

Experts in computers and microwave transmission towers were contracted to facilitate a take over of on site camera and communication. The power team was prepared to interrupt power to the site.

The night prior to the assault diversions at the Northwestern end of the facility near the Bold Old  Productions facility coupled with a temporary interruption of camera feeds near the golf course - allowed the group to move 20 operatives into the houses nearest the fence by the 9 hole golf course.

Computer engineers hack into the site security and loop images into perimeter camera and motion detector feeds showing no activity while teams armed with portable cutting torches made incisions in the steel fence that could easily be broken through.

On Saturday morning the infiltration teams not in the golf course housing gathered at the Hemet warehouse assault base where the fake buses were loaded. Security was notified that 2 bus loads from the Event would be returning early to the facility.

A month prior to the event Bob Ice arranged for a recording session at Bold Old  and was granted permission to bring a group of musicians and engineers to that facility - it was not actually Bob Ice but an imposter with another infiltration team.

During the day on Saturday, a combination of small drones with high-powered cameras augmented the hacker's theft of the site security cameras to track the location of every security guard left at the facility. With the security camera and motion detector feeds under control of the assault team everything was in place for the assault.

The plan on the base was for dinner at 7pm followed by a gathering of on site staff at locations to view the Shrine Auditorium event via a direct feed. That put 90% of the 300 people left on site in three locations that could be sealed and locked from the outside. The 30 member security team was tracked by the cameras - with 6 in the control room with the camera feed and 4 each at 3 gates and 3 inside each of the event broadcast locations including the Dog House. 60 people were in the Dog House leaving approximately 200 SO 'regulars' not WTF or Security.

At 7pm three busses pulled up to two gates, 2 to the north section gate and one to the lower section. Each bus held 20 people in Sea Org uniforms. Those 60 plus the 20 in the golf course house and the 10 with "Bob Ice" put 90 infiltrators inside the compound aided by a dozen in two control vans watching the hacked camera and communication feeds.

The teams had specific assignments:
1) Two teams secured the areas where the bulk of SPACE ORG members were watching the LA Event - the feeds to those screens was immediately switched to BREAKING WIND - the Gibney Film and the doors to those rooms were sealed so no one could leave or stop the film.
2) The gate guards were put on the buses and handcuffed to the seats.
3) The control room was fed an image of a person trying to approach the fence so 3 of the six in the HQ came out only to be taken under control as 6 people entered the room and seized the remaining 3.

In 20 minutes the entire remaining staff of BOLD BASE had been isolated and controlled. The infiltrating team had the next 6 hours in full control of the facility.

The first order of business was to go to the offices of DEMBY MI MISGIVINGS where the file cabinets from PET BRAKER had been taken. A truck was brought to the mansion and the infiltrating group began unloading file cabinets and using a dozen copy machines in order to duplicate every financial and legal record.

The crack forensic computer team managed to find DM's hidden file of passwords enabling the team to transfer millions of dollars to accounts out of reach of the SOB. All of the BREAKING WIND upper ET level notes were located and removed. All of the computer hard drives were copied.

Most importantly the copies of the POT auditing tapes and transcripts were taken along with directives and instructions that revealed how DM used those auditing session revelations to control PULP FICTION and spy on Eyes Wide  Dolman and Batie Wayne. The entire sordid Naz Bodine file was found and copied.

Every celebrity had duplicate files from Celibacy Center sessions in the hidden vault at Bold Base. Copies of these files were sent to the celebrities who were violated by Demby Mi Misgivings. Audio and video tapes of DM insulting to Top Gunner Crude were found.

While the duplication and removal of files was in progress the remaining SPACE ORG people in the TV rooms were treated to episodes of AFTERBREATH. Between the programs, an announcement was made asking SO people who wished to speak with former executives to indicate that intention.

A team was dispatched to The DOG HOUSE with vehicles on site offering freedom to those in the RPF. The SO in the hole were also shown BREAKING WIND and AFTERBREATH and some top execs who had left were in charge of interacting with the WTF people. None of those who were confined to the hole were among the group bussed to The Event.

All former SO people in on the assault were disguised with prosthetic makeup and wigs. Any on site SO person who wished to escape was taken to their living quarters to retrieve their stuff. Meanwhile, a team of engineers put hidden wireless cameras, mics, and recording devices in strategic locations where they would be difficult to locate. Much of the site was bugged over the duration of the event.

A team at the Shrine Auditorium monitored the Event and the buses that were there to return SPACE ORG execs to Bold Base, so the infiltration team could be notified of the departure. Two of those buses were fitted with devices that could disable them via a remote trigger. These were devised to interrupt the onboard computer chips so the vehicles would stall or fail to start in order to delay their arrival back at Bold Base.

Everything was put back exactly as it was making it appear the assault was to free anyone who wished to leave and to show everyone the BREAKING WIND and AFTERBREATH videos. No theft of church 'property' occurred  Infiltrators could be guilty of breaking and entering and perhaps detaining people or 'kidnapping' for keeping them locked in place so hiding the identities of the infiltrators is important. In the end the only obvious result of the raid was the escape of 40 SPACE ORG members.

Within two weeks of the raid the documents taken began to surface causing significant damage to DEMBY MI MISGIVINGS. TOP GUNNER CRUDE and PULP FICTION were presented with the evidence of the abuse. All of the SPACE ORG members who were there and exposed to BREAKING WIND and AFTERBREATH began to question their situation. The infiltrators were able to locate passcodes for several overseas accounts owned by DEMBY MI MISGIVINGS with 100's of millions of dollars along with CoBW accounts and passcodes. The money in those accounts was removed to accounts in different banks denying control to MISGIVINGS .